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Principles and Code of Conduct

AMIL’s work will be conducted within a framework of 11 client protection principles.  These principles are adapted and revised as per the most up to date RBI notifications to NBFCs and NBFC-MFIs for implementation of Fair Practices Codes.


1.  Inclusive and Non-Discriminatory: Our services and products are available to all; we will not discriminate based on         community, religious, caste or gender reasons, or for reasons of poverty or disability.


2.  Ethical Staff Behaviour: Our staff will treat you in a fair, honest and respectful manner at all times. Our collection             officers will not indulge in the following:

     a) any behaviour that in any manner would suggest any kind of threat or violence.,

     b) contact clients at odd hours, as per the RBI guidelines for loan recovery agents.

     c) will not visit clients at inappropriate occasions such as bereavement, sickness, etc., to collect dues.


    The company would be accountable for preventing inappropriate staff behaviour. 


3.  Appropriate Product Design and Delivery: We will constantly work to ensure that our products and delivery                     mechanisms are flexible in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We will actively seek feedback from you         regarding your product and service preferences. We will extend product and services as bundled product except           insurance.


4. Disclosure: We will communicate all the terms and conditions for all products/services offered to clients in the                official regional language or a language understood by them and shall cover aspects such as, loan terms &                      conditions, pricing, charges etc. We shall also hand over a copy of the sanction letter, repayment schedule, loan            card etc and other loan documents as and when a request is received.


5.  Avoidance of Over-Indebtedness: We will thoroughly assess your household income(s) and expenditure(s) to ensure       that your loan size matches your capacity to make repayments. We will not lend to clients who have outstanding             loans with more than one other lender. We will use the Credit Bureau information while assessing number of loans         & indebtedness levels of each client.


6.  Transparent Pricing: We will ensure that you are fully aware of all of our product terms and conditions and prices.           The pricing of our products will be simple to understand and fair. There will be no hidden costs. Our relationship is          based on a detailed agreement which will depict the key terms and conditions of loan and repayment. There shall          be only three components in the pricing of the loan: namely the interest charge, the processing charge and                    Insurance premium. All interest and fees payable as an all-inclusive APR and equivalent monthly rate will be                    indicated in the sanction letter/loan documentation. No penalty will be charged on delayed payments. Complete          information on pricing will be displayed at all our offices.


7.  Appropriate Collection Practices: You are expected to pay your loan on time but if you cannot, we will work with             you to overcome problems that you are facing. We will never use abusive language, physical force, humiliate you,           or violate your right to privacy. All recoveries will take place at the place designated in the loan contract. We will             provide a valid receipt for each and every payment received from the borrower.


8.  Flexibility: You can choose the term of repayment (Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly). We do not charge extra for this       flexibility or for pre-payment of any loan.


9.  Privacy of Information: We will not share your personal details or information with any person or organization                   without your consent, or unless required to by the law.


10. Freedom of Choice: We respect that you are the best person to make decisions for yourself and your family. We            shall endeavour to raise clients’ awareness of the options, choices and responsibilities vis-à-vis financial products            and services available and also inform clients the organization’s policies and procedures to help them understand          their rights as borrowers at regular intervals.

11. Recruitment:  We shall adhere to the following while recruiting employees from other MFIs.

      a) Shall not recruit an employee of other MFI without the relieving letter from the previous MFI employer except                where the previous employer (MFI) fails to respond to the reference check request within 30 days.

      b) Shall honour a one month notice period from an outgoing employee.

      c) Shall provide within 2 weeks the reply to the reference check correspondence for another MFI.

      d) Shall not assign a new employee recruited from another MFI, to the same area he/she was serving at the                         previous employer, for a period 1 year. This restriction applies to positions up to the Branch Manager level.


12. Complaints and Grievances:  Customers have a right to make complaints. We will always listen to customer                    comments and complaints and respond to them quickly and fairly by establishing a dedicated feedback and                  grievance redressal mechanisms to correct any error and handle/receive complaints speedily and efficiently.  We            shall also ensure that clients are made aware of the existence and purpose of these mechanisms and how to                    access them.


A client may directly air their grievances by contacting the designated Nodal Grievance Officer, Head of Finance Department, AGORA Microfinance India Ltd at the Company Head Office or via telephone +9186550 10063/022-25271552.


Additionally, AMIL also follows the detailed MFIN COC for microfinance industry and the RBI fair practice code. These documents are available in hard copy with each branch for ready reference of our staff and clients.

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1. meJe& meceeefJeälee DeeefCe YesoYeeJe veener :

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Deece®ee keÀe³e&keÀlee& ne meJe¥ ûeenkeÀebmeeþer  vesnceer v³ee³eeves, ÒeceeefCekeÀHeCes DeeefCe Deeojeves Jeeiesue. Deece®³ee HejleHesÀ[ peceekeÀlee& DeefOekeÀeN³ee®es Keeueerue yeeyeerceO³es iewj kesÀues peeCeej veenerle.  

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5. Deefle keÀpe&yeepeejer nesCes ìeUCes :

legce®eer keÀpe& jkeÌkeÀce DeeefCe legce®eer HejleHesÀ[er®eer #eceleer ³eeb®ee leeUcesU yemeC³eemeeþer Deecner legce®³ee Iejeleerue GlHeVe DeeefCe Ke®ee&®es cetu³eceeHeve keÀ©. p³ee ûeenkeÀebkeÀ[s SkeÀeHes#ee peemle Flej keÀpe& osJetkeÀejeb®es keÀpe& yeekeÀer Demesue l³eebvee Deecner keÀpe& osJet MekeÀle veener. Deecner keÀpe& vebyej DeeefCe keÀpe&yeepeejerHeCee Devegceeve keÀjC³eemeeþer Òel³eskeÀ ûeenkeÀe®eer ¬esÀ[erì y³egjes ceeefnleer JeeHe©.


6. HewMeeb®eer HeejoMe&keÀlee :

Deecner Kee$eer keÀ© efkeÀ legcner Deece®³ee meJe& GlHeeovee®³ee Deìer, Meleea DeeefCe efkebÀcele ³ee efJe<e³eer peeie=le Deenele. Deece®³ee GlHeeovee®eer efkebÀcele efn meceep³eeuee DeeefCe mHeä nesC³eemeeþer DeefleMe³e meeOeer Deens. lesLes keÀesCel³eener ÒekeÀej®ee Ke®ee&®ee efnMeesye ueHeefJeuee peeCeej veener. Deece®eb veeleb ns keÀjejveec³eeJej meefJemlej efouesu³ee keÀpe& DeeefCe HejleHesÀ[er®³ee Deìer DeeefCe Meleeavegmeej Demesue. l³eeceO³es HeÀkeÌle keÀpee&®ee Ke®e& cnCetve J³eepeoj, Òeef¬eÀ³ee HeÀer DeeefCe efJecee nHlee Demeleerue. GefMeje®³ee HejleHesÀ[erJej uesì HeÀer Iesleueer peeCeej veener.


7. ³eesi³e HejleHesÀ[ J³eJenej :

legcner HejleHesÀ[ JesUsJej keÀjeJeer efn legce®³eekeÀ[tve DeHes#ee Deens. pej HejleHesÀ[ JesUsJej keÀ© MekeÀuee veener lej Deecner legce®³eemeesyele legcner leeW[ osle Demeuesu³ee mecem³eebvee SkeÀ$e ue[t. Deecner DeHeceeveemHeo Yee<e, yeUpeyejer, legce®eer ceeveKeb[vee efkebÀJee legce®³ee iegHleles®³ee DeefOekeÀeje®ee Yebie keÀjCeej veener. keÀpe& keÀjejveec³eele GuuesKeu³eeÒeceeCes meJe& HejleHesÀ[ nesF&ue. Deecner keÀpe&ojekeÀ[tve efceUCeeN³ee Òel³eskeÀ nHel³ee®eer HeeJeleer osT.


8. ueJeef®ekeÀlee :

legcner HejleHesÀ[er®eer Hemebleer keÀ© MekeÀlee (DeeþJe[îee®eer, HebOejJe[îee®eer efkebÀJee ceefnv³ee®eer). Deieesoj®³ee keÀpe& HejleHesÀ[erJej Deecner Flej keÀesCel³eener ÒekeÀej®eer HeÀer DeekeÀejCeej veener.


9. ceeefnleer®eer iegHlelee :

legce®³ee HejJeeveieerefMeJee³e efkebÀJee keÀe³eÐeeves ceev³elee efceUeu³eeefMeJee³e Deecner legce®ee@er Je³eweqkeÌlekeÀ ceeefnleer keÀesvel³eener J³ekeÌleeruee efkebÀJee mebmLesuee osCeej veener.


10. Hemebleer®es mJeeleb$³e :

Deecner Deeoj keÀjlees efkeÀ legcner SkeÀ mJele:meeþer DeeefCe legce®³ee kegÀìgbyeemeeþer ³eesi³e efveCe&³e IesCeejer J³ekeÌleer Deenele. DeeefLe&keÀ GlHeeovee®es He³ee&³e efveJe[ DeeefCe peyeeyeoejer DeeefCe GHeueyOe mesJee ³eeefJe<e³eer ûeenkeÀe®³ee peeie=leermeeþer Deecner He³elve keÀ© DeeefCe keÀpe&oejeuee l³ee®es nkeÌkeÀ mecepeC³eemeeþer keÀbHeCeer®es OeesjCes DeeefCe Òeef¬eÀ³ee ³ee®eer ceeefnleer osJet.


11. le¬eÀj DeeefCe ieeNneCes :

legcner le¬eÀej efuent MekeÀlee. Deecner vesnceer legce®³ee veeWoer DeeefCe le¬eÀej SsketÀ DeeefCe ueJekeÀjele ueJekeÀj DeeefCe ÒeceeefCekeÀHeCes Òeefleef¬eÀ³ee osJet. Deecner Kee$eer keÀ© efkeÀ ³ee ³eb$eCes®ee nslet DeeefCe leer JeeHejC³ee®ee nslet ³ee efJe<e³eer ûeenkeÀ peeie=le Deens.

Client Grievance Redressal Process

ûeenkeÀ l³eeb®³ee le¬eÀejer DeeefCe megpeeJe keÀe³ee&ue³ee®³ee cegK³e veesoue DeefOekeÀeN³eebHe³e¥le Keeueer efou³ee iesuesu³ee ceeO³eceebÜejs Heesnes®eJet MekeÀleele.

1. ûeenkeÀ le¬eÀej Hesìer : kebÀHeveer®³ee Òel³eskeÀ #es$e keÀe³ee&ue³eebceO³es ûeenkeÀ le¬eÀej Hesìer þsJeuesueer. Deens. l³eele He$eebÜejs Deece®³ee He³e¥le Heesnes®eJet MekeÀleele.

2. otjOJeveer : cegK³e veesoue DeefOekeÀejer 022-27810086 DeeefCe 8655010063 ¿ee vebyej Jej ûeenkeÀeb®eer le¬eÀej veeWoJetve Iesleerue.

3. F&-cesue: ¿ee F&-cesue Jejleer osKeerue l³eeb®eer le¬eÀej veeWoJet MekeÀleele.


Jejerue meJe& ceeefnleer, efve³ece DeeefCe Deìer keÀpe&oejeuee l³eeb®³ee Yee<esceO³es mecepeeJetve meebefieleu³ee Deensle.

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